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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Missing 2-year-old, Zy'ion McCallum, found and safe..but the plot thickens

I first posted on my blog yesterday here about little 2-year-old Zy'ion McCallum who was reported missing from my city, Durham, NC, under very odd, and some might even say suspicious, circumstances. 

The wonderful news is that he is alive and well and back home safe...but he is really "home"? Turns out that as the onion layers of what actually happened continue to peel off, this story just got even weirder. 

Apparently the latest is that Jasmine Johnson (the young woman the child was handed off to by the child's 15-year-old aunt) is now claiming that the child is hers So while most news reports are staying the boy has now been reunited with his mother and returned home, Ms. Johnson is indicating that the boy's home is with her.

Do we seriously need to get Maury Povich out to Durham, NC? Oh wait, his show was called "Who's the Daddy?" It may just be me but I always thought maternity tests were few and far between for hopefully obvious reasons!

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