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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lawyer on Call 4ALL Service Day - Talk to an NC Lawyer for Free TOMORROW March 7th, 2014!!

Making Justice 'For ALL' a Reality
Tomorrow marks the 7th Annual 4ALL SERVICE DAY “Lawyer on Call” volunteer event, a public service of the North Carolina Bar Association and the NCBA Foundation. 4ALL For all!

Call in all day March 7, 2014 to talk to a lawyer about your legal issue for FREE!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy New Year.....although, the latest NC Court of Appeals ruling today leaves me very UNHAPPY

The North Carolina Court of Appeals (where virtually all appeals go when disgruntled folks challenge the District and Superior Court outcomes) has already been quite busy in 2014. Today is only the 21st day of the year and already over 30 published opinions have been issued (and about 70 unpublished opinions, so over 100 in total)! 

One opinion that came out today, State v. Stepp (regarding the appeal of a 2011 conviction of first degree murder of a ten-month-old baby), leaves me speechless and bitter about North Carolina's judicial system yet again...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Missing 2-year-old, Zy'ion McCallum, found and safe..but the plot thickens

I first posted on my blog yesterday here about little 2-year-old Zy'ion McCallum who was reported missing from my city, Durham, NC, under very odd, and some might even say suspicious, circumstances. 

The wonderful news is that he is alive and well and back home safe...but he is really "home"? Turns out that as the onion layers of what actually happened continue to peel off, this story just got even weirder. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

2-year-old Zy'ion McCallum missing from Durham, NC since Aug 4th - unofficial AMBER alert!!

This is a developing story so forgive me in advance if this not 100% accurate as of initial posting. But I would rather at least get the word out with a few blemishes than not at all, considering that we are talking about a missing 2-year-old boy from my city (Durham, NC) going on day two AND which unfortunately doesn't meet the official AMBER alert criteria for now...